Roebic Trap Sak TS-2

Roebic Trap Sak ts-2

Prevent and dissolve odours and blockages from the grease trap!

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Roebic Trap Sak TS-2

Almost every catering establishment has a grease trap. In the grease trap, the fat soon decomposes. This causes odour. Sometimes this smell also comes outside the grease trap. This is dirty, tricky and can even cost customers. Fortunately there is a 100% biological solution.

Roebic Trap Sak offers the solution!

With the help of good bacteria, the smell is removed in a natural way. The bad bacteria are eliminated. The fat becomes softer and is easier to suck away. Blockages in and after the grease trap are also prevented.

The Roebic Trap Sak is hung in the first compartment of the grease trap. This element contains an enormous amount of good bacteria. The element slowly dissolves in the grease trap, releasing the bacteria.

Costs Roebic Trap Sak

The deployment of the Staircase Sak is not expensive. You can do the installation by yourselves in 5 minutes. A candle lasts 30-50 days.

Roebic GT 

It is possible to use Roebic GT if there is a very strong smell or if there are regular clogged pipes to the grease trap. This liquid is dosed into the pipework and breaks down grease.

Roebic GT is very good to use in conjunction with the Staircase Sak. For more information, please contact us!