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The term water treatment is comprehensive. The products we supply can be used in various branches. Our controllers are used in almost every branch where water treatment is applicable. 

The Sita UV units are often used for drinking water treatment on board ships and for Legionella treatment. 

The various types of bacteria in our product range are widely used as septic tank bacteria, but also find their application in preventing odors and blockages. Private individuals, but also municipalities belong to our clientele.

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Our products for water treatment

Below is a selection of our products.

Dosing pumps for chemicals

Dosing pumps for chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, PAC, etc.

Sita UV systems

Complete UV systems for water treatment and Legionella prevention.

Complete units for swimming pool water

Complete control of pH, redox and free chlorine.

Agro and bulbs

All relevant parameters under control. Everything on 1 panel. Remotely controllable, even via your smartphone.

Complete installation with drip tray, mixer, dosing pump etc. Various versions available!

Measure and control

Complete systems for water treatment.

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