UV Air Treatment with SITA uV

Air treatment

UV Air Treatment is a hot item in these times. By disinfecting the air, viruses, fungi and bacteria are rendered harmless. These UV systems can be built into existing circulation systems, but we also have turnkey units available. These are suitable, for example, to treat the air in offices. 

UV Air Treatment can also be done by units that also disinfect surfaces with UV. These are used, for example, to disinfect an entire office during the lunch break. The nice thing is that this is done without chemicals. 

Sita UV is an Italian company that has been designing and manufacturing UV systems for almost 40 years. 

You have come to the right place for advice on which system works best for you, but we also supply spare lamps and quartz tubes. Mostly from stock and worldwide.

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UV Air treatment with SITA UV

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