Sita UV Systems for water on board

For drinking water on board.

When water bunkered on board it is very important this easy to disinfect before it can be used. A SITA UV system is often used for this purpose. The UV light disinfects the water and prevents sick employees. The SITA UV systems are used on board for a.o.

  • Disinfecting water in front of the galley.
  • Disinfection of drinking water just in front of the tap with a small UV unit incl. filters.
  • Legionella prevention.
  • Treatment of ballast water to prevent the spread of exotic animal and plant species.
The Sita UV units have been designed and produced in Italy for more than 40 years. Delivery times are short. Because we can draw on a large stock of UV systems, SITA UV spare lamps and quartz tubes, we can quickly help you find the right materials. We ship worldwide.

The Choosing the right system or spare parts can sometimes be very difficult. We will be happy to help you choose which spare parts you need! Simply request a quote or give us a call on (0031) 0164-770 865.

SITA UV systems for on board

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