Preventive and active against sewer smell in the house!


Customer experiences

Perfect, definitely recommended!


My experience with this product was great. Excellent packaging and delivery. I had never heard of Dutch Water Tech before, but my experience with this company and the product definitely deserves a 9

Henk, Wassenaar

It works against the stench


I think the sewer is clean too I can't see that. But there was always an edge of black on the water level.That is gone now. And my sink drain no longer clocks. The little bottle 5 drops per drain; It really works!

GH, Barendrecht

Does what it promises


Just 5 drops every night for a week per drain. It seems incredible that a few drops can do their job. But it is really true. In our bathroom, a foul sewer smell had been coming up for quite some time. No chlorine or rinsing with soda helped. This product works almost within 2 days. I can really recommend it.

Jacqueline , Buchten


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