Roebic K27 - Anti odour product

Roebic K27: A biological solution for stench from drains and stench in waste containers.

Biological product based on bacteria.

Now in a new environmentally conscious bottle - 100% recycled plastic.

Very suitable for use with a septic tank, cesspit or IBA!



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Customer experiences

Perfect, definitely recommended!


Dutch Water Tech delivers reliable and effective products. I used Roebic K27 against the stench of the garbage can. I put in a quarter of a bottle, let it soak in for 5 hours, then rinsed it out and the stench was gone! Top product!

Tom, Bergen op Zoom

An odourless organic waste bin


With the warm weather I had problems with a stinking bins. When placing an order for another product, I was advised by telephone to use K27 for this purpose. I ordered extra K27 and it works very well. The stench was gone in no time. Thanks for the advice. We are going to use it more often.


Easy, fast and good service!


Had problems with the smell in the attic around our washing machine. Through the inet with Dutchwatertech I came in contact with the problem. Mark advised me to use one of his products (K27). After 1 week of use no more smell in the attic.

Danny, Bergen op Zoom

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