Grease separator maintenance package for the hotel and catering industry

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Grease separator maintenance package for the hotel and catering industry

Odour is a common problem with grease traps or grease separators. The fat that is captured hardens in the tank and rots. This is sometimes called anaerobic digestion. The solidified grease can also cause blockages, which makes the grease trap difficult to remove.

The use of a TS element is an effective method to combat odours and blockages. And this in a completely biological and sustainable way.

How does the grease trap maintenance package work?

This package consists of a special bacteria candle which is hung in the grease trap. This element slowly dissolves and continuously releases bacteria which neutralise foul odours by attacking them at the source. Because the decomposition is aerobic and fast it competes with the bad bacteria. The stench will also be significantly reduced and in long-term use completely disappear.

How do I install this?

Fortunately, this is very simple. You screw a small hook into the compartment where the water enters. You hang the candle on the hook. This takes less than five minutes. The candle dissolves in approximately 2.5 months and then needs to be replaced. See also the picture below.


Maintenance grease trap catering

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