Preventive and active against sewer smell in the house!



14,95 12,95 including. 10,70 exclusive of VAT

Customer experiences

Perfect, definitely recommended!


My experience with this product was great. Excellent packaging and delivery. I had never heard of Dutch Water Tech before, but my experience with this company and the product definitely deserves a 9

Henk, Wassenaar

It works against the stench


I think the sewer is clean too I can't see that. But there was always an edge of black on the water level.That is gone now. And my sink drain no longer clocks. The little bottle 5 drops per drain; It really works!

GH, Barendrecht

Does what it promises


Just 5 drops every night for a week per drain. It seems incredible that a few drops can do their job. But it is really true. In our bathroom, a foul sewer smell had been coming up for quite some time. No chlorine or rinsing with soda helped. This product works almost within 2 days. I can really recommend it.

Jacqueline , Buchten

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