Dosing pump for specific chemicals

Dosing pump for specific chemicals

Dosing pumps for specific chemicals

We receive many requests for dosing pumps for very specific chemicals. It is very important to check whether the parts in contact with the liquid are also resistant to the liquid used. This concerns for example the diaphragm, the pump head and the O-rings, but of course also the dosing hoses, injection valves and small things like the balls in the pump head.

Which dosing pumps do you use?

We will be happy to help you choose the right dosing pump for the liquid you want to dose. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you want to see what we've got? Under this category we have already configured a number of dosing pumps for you. Of course a lot more is possible.

Can I use the dosing pump I have for other chemicals?

That might be possible. But it is important to check this (or have it checked) properly. For example, a pump with a PVDF pumphead and viton O-rings can be used for many chemicals. However, if you start dosing with it, the pumphead will leak very quickly.

Do you want us to think along? Of course, no problem!

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