IBA Bacteria

IBA Bacteria

IBA Bacteria. Keep your system in top condition!

The term IBA stands for Individual Waste Water Treatment. Actually, any tank in which wastewater flows is an IBA, but in the Netherlands and Belgium we make a distinction.

  • Pit: tank with usually 1 or 2 compartments. Only toilet water.
  • Septic tankUsually 2 compartments with sludge collection and overflow. Toilet water and water from the kitchen, shower, etc. are used.
  • IBA System3-stage wastewater treatment with blower, sludge return, etc.

Maintenance IBA System with Bacteria

It will not surprise you that the IBA the best degree of purification (Class 3b). If it works well then at least!

IBA needs annual maintenance. The filters of the blower need to be replaced and the blower itself needs to be checked. Also, the excess sludge will be sucked away.

After this work, it is important to restart biology and make the IBA work optimally. For this purpose, we have Roebic 106 PS WS-8 and Bio-septic + in the range. These are specific bacteria that can break down fats, soaps, feces and paper.

A properly functioning IBA has a number of important advantages:

  • Strong reduced risk of blockages.
  • Less odour nuisance.
  • A better return, therefore better for the environment.

Keep your IBA system in top condition. Do not use cleaning agents containing chlorine!

Since the IBA works with bacteria, the use of chlorine or bleach (javel) based cleaning products is out of the question. Only biodegradable cleaning products can be used when you have an IBA. On our website you can find a selection.

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