Holding tank Boat and caravan

Holding tank Boat and caravan

Maintenance dirty water tank. Try these products!

A waste water tank can cause odour and nuisance on board, in the caravan or in your motor home. Often this tank is treated with chemicals to counteract the smell of the rotting processes. This works, but has nothing to do with an ecological approach. In addition, the tank will eventually have to be emptied. A marina, campsite or camper van often discharges into a small-scale purification system that works with bacteria. The chemicals have a bad influence on this as they kill bacteria.

Roebic products against stench holding tank

We have a number of 100% degradable and non-toxic products in our range. These products are based on bacteria and are especially meant for the waste water tank of your boat, caravan or camper. It prevents odours and ensures that solids are broken down. The fresh scent helps to quickly counteract stench from the holding tank. Our customers say that too!

Prevent dirty water tank problems. Do not use chlorine!

Chlorine (eg toilet duck), kills bacteria. When working with our bacteria products it is important not to use chlorine. It is best to use cleaning products that are suitable for septic tanks. We sell these at our webshopbut they are also available in the supermarket.

100% effective. 100% sustainable!

At Dutch Water Tech we believe it is important to take care of our environment. That is why all our bacteria come in recycled and sustainable packaging. We use cardboard boxes made from recycled cardboard and work with transporters who work CO2 neutral. Will you help us by offering your packaging for recycling? Thank you in advance!

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