Beer Well Bacteria

Beer Well Bacteria

Beer Well Bacteria

The traditional cesspool receives only dirty water from the toilet. We also call this black water. Normally, therefore, no soap or grease enters the cesspool. Toilet paper, in normal measure, is not a problem.

The operation of a cesspool

In the pit, the organic material is removed by cesspool bacteria broken down under anaerobic conditions. In other words, without oxygen. The gases that are released during this breakdown often have a strong odour and can cause odour nuisance. It is therefore important that the breakdown is in good order.

Prevent cesspool problems

The adding special cesspool bacteria like Roebic K47 and Bio-septic have a number of benefits:

  • It keeps the decomposition in the cesspit optimal.
  • It ensures that the formation of minimum stench is and always will be.
  • The tank needs emptied less often to be.
  • The efficiency of the cesspool is optimal, which is better for the environment.

Bear pit advice. Do not use chlorine!

Because the cesspool depends on bacteria, it is very important to consider the choice of cleaning agents when cleaning the toilet. Chlorine or bleach (javel) kills bacteria so the tank will fill up and start to stink.. Therefore, always choose biodegradable cleaners. On our website you will find a selection.

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