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Does your septic tank have a blockage? Or do you have a problem with the stench from the (mobile) waste water tank of your camper? Or maybe a sewerage smell from the kitchen drain? Often the cause of all these problems lies with the bacteria in your drainage system.

In many cases, the smell is caused by fat, hair and soap residues in the pipes. Anaerobic bacteria see this sludge layer as a fertile breeding ground and cause that foul and characteristic rotten-egg smell.

With blockages, we often see that the contamination in the water is not efficiently broken down by the microorganisms in the tank. These are also bacteria, but aerobic bacteria that do not cause a foul odour. The bacterial culture in your tank can then be disrupted by overuse or by the use of (chlorinated) cleaning agents that kill the bacteria. Therefore, always make sure you use a cleaning agent that is safe for the septic tank.

Below you can find our wide range of products that can help you solve and prevent odors and blockages. For septic tanks, cesspools, IBA systems, grease traps and even mobile holding tanks in motor homes and boats.

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Septic Tank Bacteria

In this product category you will find a wide range of products to maintain your septic tank and to solve problems such as odors.

Beer Well Bacteria

Do you own a cesspit to which you discharge black water? Then we can supply a number of products to keep your cesspit in top condition.

Bacteria for IBA

Are you having problems with your IBA system? That is annoying. In this category you will find (maintenance) products to solve odors and blockages.

Sewer smell in the house

We offer a number of turnkey packages that allow you to tackle the sewer smell in your home to the core. From the pipe to the holding tank.

Pipes and Drains

Sewers, drains and pipes are a breeding ground for bacteria which can cause a lot of stench. Our products tackle them!

Grease trap catering

Grease is very stubborn and can often cause many problems. Make sure that smells and blockages don't hold back your restaurant with our products.

Holding tank Boat & Caravan

Do you have a boat, caravan, camper or mobile toilet? Then we offer a number of (maintenance) products to prevent clogging and odours.

Complete Packages

Complete packages to combat odour in your home. Whether you have a septic tank or the municipalsewage, we can get you out of the stink!

Cleaning agents

Most cleaning products are very anti-bacterial and can cause a lot of problems. Therefore, use our septic-safe products.

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